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Starting on Saturday July 25th everyone is going to asked to wear a mask entering, leaving and walking around the American Legion.

Everyone has their opinion and believes about this matter and that is ok, THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO DISCUSS THIS.

You will be asked to wear a mask entering and when you sit down and order your food or drink, your mask can be removed.
If you walk to buy pulltabs...your mask must be up.
If you go to the bathroom....your mask must be up.
If you go out to smoke..your mask must be up leaving the building and reentering.

We are practicing social distancing so please DO NOT move the table's/chairs.

We have hand sanitizer located all around the Legion please use!

If you DO NOT have a mask when entering you can either buy a disposable one for $1.00 or do not enter!

The bartenders and waitresses did NOT make this law, so please do not harass them about wearing them.

If you can not follow these rules then you will not be served and asked to leave.

We are doing the best we can under these strange times and we really appreciate your support over past months!!!



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